Populace Database

PhotoSCA NameWhat are your interests in the SCA?Networking E-mail
Samson Muskovich A&S -Crafts, Archery, Armoured Combat (Rattan/Combat Archery/Siege), Armoring, Brewing, Cooking, Cut and Thrust Rapier Combat, Education/Outreach, Equestrian, Garb Making/Costuming, Jewelry-making, Rapier Combat, Scribal, Volunteering/Service, Youth Activities Thegn@midrealm.org
Nicholaa Halden A&S -Crafts, Cooking, Embroidery, Garb Making/Costuming, Jewelry-making, Volunteering/Service nhalden0001@gmail.com
Mariana von Rabenstern A&S -Crafts, A&S - Research, Cooking, Embroidery, Garb Making/Costuming
Manfred von Bassenheim A&S -Crafts, A&S - Research, Archery, Armoured Combat (Rattan/Combat Archery/Siege), Scribal alrabattini@gmail.com
Bien-Venue la Riote A&S -Crafts, A&S - Research, Dancing, Embroidery, Garb Making/Costuming, Scribal Ashbrookvalentine@hotmail.com
Akiyama Kazuhiko A&S -Crafts, A&S - Research, Archery, Cooking, Dancing, Education/Outreach, Embroidery, Garb Making/Costuming, Scribal, Volunteering/Service satal.derihannsu@gmail.com