Baron Heihachiro Honda

Please note: His Excellency is allergic to alcohol.

Thegn Samson Muskovich

His Excellency typically portrays a 10th Century Rus Viking trader, but has been known to also portray a late period Russian for his persona. His interests are varied between the martial and peaceful arts, including heavy combat, rapier/cut and thrust combat, archery, cooking, scribal, and leatherworking.He has a vested interest in recruiting and newcomer outreach, and can often be found at demos for the Barony and surrounding groups.Please note: His Excellency is allergic to horseradish and wasabi.

Baronial Chamberlain:
THL Johara Ha’niyah’yah al Halim

Her Ladyship Joahara is responsible for coordinating Their Excellencies’ schedules and retainers at events. Please contact her at if you wish to retain or provide largess for Their Excellencies of Carraig Ban.