Roll of Honor

Order of the Tower Guard
A new order created by Their Excellencies Honda and Samson, recognizing the long-standing service and displays of prowess by distinguished members of the Carraig Ban Archery, Thrown Weapons, Rapier, and Rattan Communities.

Aleid van Groningen – Archery – Premiere (Ragnarok 2019)
Kinji Kuromori – Rapier – Premiere (Ragnarok 2019)

Order of the Keep
Awarded for long term service to the Barony and/or the Coronets. This may only be given once.

Epona Brodin
Mustafa Al-Hassan Abdualaziz
Aleid van Groningen
Rory O’Tomrair
Winifred Yseulte of Hall’s Isle
Incipient Canton of Elv Av Tiden (currently inactive)
Faustino de Baez
Katherine Von Trier
Faolen Beag
Paul the Boteman
Nicholaa Halden
Seamus MacBain
Gillian Durham
Honda Heihachiro
Gareth Bloodworth

Award of The Battering Ram
Awarded for excellence in Rattan/Heavy Combat and/or service to the Barony’s Rattan/Heavy Combat community.

Rourke Davis – Premiere (Ragnarok 2013)
Susanna Hurst
Gareth Bloodworth (x2)
Akikane Rokkaku

Award of the Portcullis
Awarded for service to the Barony and/or the Coronets by those who live outside of the Barony.

Thorfinn Frisken – Premiere (Ragnarok 2013)
Svanhilder Farbjornsdottir
James Applegate
Hillary of Langeford

Award of the Quoin
Awarded for service to the Barony and/or the Coronets by residents of Carraig Ban.

Paul the Boteman – Premiere (Ragnarok 2013)
Rourke Davis
Gillian Durham
Honda Heihachiro
Valdis Skjaldardottir
Reishi Honda
Hildiborg Gunnarsdottir

Award of the Well
Awarded for excellence in Arts, Sciences, or Research, or service to the Barony’s A&S/Research community.

Azarelis Hywell – Premiere (Ragnarok 2013)
Jadwiga Wlodzislawska
Anastasia Katerina Von Nurnberg
Samson Muskovich
Kazuhiko Akiyama

Award of the Loop
Awarded for excellence in Archery and/or service to the Barony’s Archery community.

Award of the Belfry
Awarded for Youth who provide service to the Barony.

Award of the Spire
Awarded for excellence in Rapier and/or service to the Barony’s Rapier community.

Kinji Kuromori- Premiere (Ragnarok 2015)