Founding of the Barony

Baronial Lineage
Baron Honda Heihachiro and Thegn Samson Muskovich (8/25/2018 – Current)
Baroness Epona Brodin (2015 – 8/25/2018)
Baron Mustafa Al-Hassan Abdualaziz and Baroness Epona Brodin (2012 – 2015)
Baron Faustino de Baez and Baroness Katherine Von Trier (2009 – 2012)
Baron Aleid van Groningen and Baroness Sean Morgan Aldheorte na Kitts Rill (2003 – 2009)
Baron Rory O’Tomrair and Baroness Winifred Yseulte of Hall’s Isle (1979 – 2003)

Yahoo! Groups Archives
With Yahoo! Groups shutting down service by December 14, 2019, we’ve taken the liberty of archiving the messages that were sent since the Barony’s group inception in 2008 as PDFs. Each of PDFs 1-4 include 500 messages and are searchable in Adobe Acrobat using the Ctrl-F, or Find, function.

Yahoo Groups Backup 1
Yahoo Groups Backup 2
Yahoo Groups Backup 3
Yahoo Groups Backup 4
Yahoo Groups Backup 5