Upcoming Japanese Garb Days

Yamamura Kitsune-sensei has offered kindly to teach our populace how to construct beautiful basic Japanese garb. Over the next two months, Yamamura-sensei will offer two classes and two construction workshops. Attend all, none, or some at your leisure!
All classes and workshops will take place in the Yusunas Room as part of the Barony of Carraig Ban’s regularly scheduled Arts and Sciences Night, and are open to any/all who wish to attend!
August 14th, 2019: Keena/Kitsune’s Kosode Instruction, History, and Advice Class
This will primarily be education, instruction, and advice for those wishing to create a kosode, the upper body garment that is the basic unit of Japanese clothing. This item might sometimes be called “kimono,” or “yukata” of a number of other related words, but, in the end, it’s the bare minimum to not be naked in court as a proper SCAdian nihonjin. Learn about the garment’s history, ideal fabrics, and ask burning questions!
August 28th, 2019: Keena/Kitsune’s Kosode Construction Workshop
This will be a construction workshop to continue the work begun on your own time, or to have some encouragement to get started on your own kosode. Yamamura-sensei will help you deal with difficult sections, as well as help you adapt designs to your body structure.
September 11th, 2019: Keena/Kitsune’s Hakama Instruction, History, and Advice Class
This class is about the foundational lower body garment, the hakama. Learn about expressing rank and status through pants! How to tie attractive knots! How to use the bathroom quickly! And what a man in red hakama might be saying about himself.
September 25th, 2019: Keena/Kitsune’s Hakama Construction Workshop
In this workshop, Yamamura-sensei will assist attendees in creating their own hakama, from design to, at the least, pinning (which is well past half the battle).

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