View from the Tower – March 2019

Upcoming Meetings

Next regular meeting- Second Sunday of the month
Sunday March 10th, 6pm
Panera Bread (DeKalb, IL)
2476 Sycamore Road, DeKalb, Illinois 60115

Ragnarök Rampage is coming!

With Ragnarök on the horizon, Their Excellencies Carraig Ban are looking for award recommendations so that They can recognize the good deeds and works of the populace at our local event.

For those not familiar with the Baronial Awards, they are:
Order of the Keep – Awarded for long term service to the Barony and/or the Coronets. This may only be given once.
Award of The Battering Ram – Awarded for excellence in Rattan/Heavy Combat and/or service to the Barony’s Rattan/Heavy Combat community.
Award of the Portcullis – Awarded for service to the Barony and/or the Coronets by those who live outside of the Barony.
Award of the Quoin – Awarded for service to the Barony and/or the Coronets by residents of Carraig Ban.
Award of the Well – Awarded for excellence in Arts, Sciences, or Research, or service to the Barony’s A&S/Research community.
Award of the Loop – Awarded for excellence in Archery and/or service to the Barony’s Archery community.
Award of the Belfry – Awarded for Youth who provide service to the Barony.
Award of the Spire – Awarded for excellence in Rapier and/or service to the Barony’s Rapier community.

Please submit your Baronial award recommendations to by March 31, 2019.
If you are interested in completing award scrolls for the Barony, please contact either of Their Excellencies.

Meeting Notes

From Manfred, Deputy Seneschal,

February meeting notes-

1. His Excellency Honda started with a statement reaffirming any and all members of the barony are encouraged to contact leadership for any and all concerns if members feel that their voices are not being heard.

2. Ragnarok Rampage plans are continuing forward. No updates at this time.

3. Manfred will be stepping up into the Seneschal role for the group. Paperwork was completed at the meeting with Seamus. Hiroaki Akiyama (Cat)’s paperwork was also completed for the Exchequer role.

4. Their Excellencies were encouraged to improve and expand on Carraig Ban’s baronial regalia, in particular the thrones. The old thrones are no longer useable. Baron Samii and Baron Honda offered a suggestion for a recommended vendor to provide new Baronial thrones at $450.00 for both. Motion put forward by Seamus, carried unanimously.

5. Johara had graciously bought a chair for one of their excellencies for Val Day. Portion of that $450.00 to repay Johara for gift.

6. A&S nights to continue onward. Upcoming A&S to include regalia improvement/expansion, including a baronial day-shade for Gold Key/Newcomer’s Point

A&S nights have moved to Wednesdays.

If you have Baronial property please advise the quartermaster or Barons. Revisiting storage issues with baronial property. Reconsidering use of a trailer and parking location. Upcoming plans to inventory property at Epona’s and reduce.

Looking into putting in a bid to host a kingdom event like Crown for fall 2020. Nicholaa to start developing the bid and offered to be event steward.


A financial policy has been drafted. A copy was provided for review and comment November newsletter. Vote to be conducted (TBD).


Arts and Sciences- A&S nights are on Wednesdays– Check Facebook for details on dates and times.

If you have an article you would like to submit for the newsletter please forward to by the end of the month to be included in the next month’s issue.
Please send Recipes for the next newsletter. No one submitted for March.

Marshal – The outdoor fight practices in DeKalb at Liberty Park are on hiatus until after due to cold weather. Ideas on an indoor location for fall/winter should be referred to the Knights Marshal.
A fight practice is also being held at COD in Glen Ellyn on Wednesdays.

We will be trying to get the news out the beginning of each Month. Please contact me if you have something you want included at .
If anyone needs a mailed copy of this information, please contact me. Listed below are upcoming events and our officers list.

In service to the Barony,


Baroness Dame Nicholaa Halden, Chronicler

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