View from the Tower – November 2018

Upcoming Meetings

Sunday, November 11, 2018
6pm Panera Bread (DeKalb, IL)
2476 Sycamore Road, DeKalb, Illinois 60115

Holiday Gathering Meeting December 15th- Location TBD

October Meeting Minutes
New Business:

  • New Kingdom Website
    • Contact your regional officers to make sure you have access to your reports
  • Financial Policy
    • Announced today
      • No Exchequer present, will submit for November newsletter
    • Will be posted for review in November newsletter
    • Vote at December Meeting
    • If there is commentary, submit to Hiroaki and Seamus before November Meeting
  • Office of the Exchequer
    • Looking for a deputy – Cody stepping into deputy
  • Baronial Birthday Bid
    • February 2019 – 16th
    • Kazuhiko will autocrat/provide details
      • Meeting with Church Elders – November 4th
  • Kingdom 12th Night and Festival of Maidens
    • January 12th in Oswego
    • Combining with Maidens for this year only
    • Financials – need vote
      • 3 groups splitting cost
      • Ayreton and Caer Gwyn have approved
      • Approx. $1600 outlay for each group
      • Expected min. attendance of 300
      • Breakeven for event is 233
      • Authorizing up to $1700
        • All officers in attendance approved
        • 1 abstain, all others approved

Old Business:

  • Holiday Party
    • Where?
      ▪ Nora and Cody offered to host
    • December 15th – Chosen by those who submitted responses
    • “Secret Santa” gift exchange
    • Budget for main dish?
      • What protein? Turkey
  • Baronial Awards Recommendations
    • Link on Website
  • Ragnarok Rampage
    • Event has been submitted to Kingdom Calendar, waiting for approval
    • Will update website/page as updates come in
    • Themed event based on Loki

New, New Business:

  • Kazuhiko taking over Deputy MoAS

October 27th: STEMFest/Maker Faire Demo @ NIU Convocation Center, 9am – 5pm






We had good attendance and a lot of interest from attendees. Thanks everyone who came out and brought things to display. Activities included origami, medieval dress up, games and displays. The kids really enjoyed putting on the chain mail and examining the weapons.

Officer Openings
Baronial Seneschal looking for a deputy Seneschal with the intent to turn over the office. Give me a shout via any medium you prefer if you are interested. – Seamus.

A financial policy has been drafted. A copy is provided for review and comment at the end of the newsletter. If there is commentary, submit to Hiroaki and Seamus before November Meeting.


Arts and Sciences – A&S nights have resumed are Tuesdays.– Dekalb Public Library. 6 to 8:30 pm through December 18th. A&S Nights –Lots of focus “events” coming up soon- November – first 3 weeks dedicated to stamp making/printing. Check Facebook for details on dates and times.

Marshal – The outdoor fight practices in DeKalb at Liberty Park are on hiatus until after due to cold weather. Ideas on an indoor location for fall/winter should be referred to the Knights Marshal.
A fight practice is also being held at COD in Glen Ellyn on Wednesdays.

We will be trying to get the news out the beginning of each Month. Please contact me if you have something you want included at .

If anyone needs a mailed copy of this information, please contact me. Listed below are upcoming events and our officers list.

In service to the Barony,
Baroness Dame Nicholaa Halden, Chronicler

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