Feast Menu

Feast for their Royal Majesties Callach and Vukasin in honor of their Crown Tournament,
presented by their Barony of Carraig Ban.

On table
Bread w/ herb/honey butter
Vegetables (celery, radishes) and sauce vert

First Course
Pyes of Paris -- Meat Pies -- beef, pork, currents, dates, wine and spices.
Salat of herbs -- mixed lettuces with herbs and oil/vinegar
Macrows -- Noodles with cheese and butter

Second Course
Blancmange -- Chicken and Rice w almonds, ginger, salt, pepper
Honeyed Carrots -- carrots, honey, cinnamon

Third course
Brawn w/ Sauce Aliper -- Smoked Pork loin with sauce garlic/pepper
Appulmoy -- Hot apple sauce thickened with rice flour and almonds with spices

Desert Course
Daryoles -- Custard pie (eggs, pie crust, cream, sugar, saffron) with Berries
Crown Marche pane -- (almonds, sugar)

Last updated 09/05/2017