Archery Schedule -- Saturday, June 16

9:00 am

Inspections, open shooting

10:00 am

Royal Rounds
Standard format - six shafts each shot at 20, 30, and 40 yards, and a 30-second timed round at 20 yards. If we have time and interest, two Rounds will be done.

12:00 pm

Range will remain open for free shooting.

1:00 pm

Candyland shoot
A shoot based off of the board game Candyland - draw cards, shoot targets, and score points to win!

3:00 pm

Invasion of the Balloons
A team shoot with teams built time-of from interested archers. Archers must band together in a team to stop the balloon invaders from taking over their town, but beware, if all towns are overrun, the balloons will win!

5:00 pm

Range Closes

Last updated 6/6/2018