A&S Schedule -- Saturday, June 16

There will also be a brewing competition.
Judging will begin at 1pm, and we welcome judges.

10 am to 3 pm

Gunnar Alfljoit Drop-in whenever jewelry workshop
for questions, help on projects and the like

11 am


Glass beads

11 am

Arnora in Skarpa

Combat Archery Tactics

11 am

Akiyama Kazuhi

Fukuro Toji: Quick Japanese book-binding

1 pm

Hjalmer Njallsson

Wire weaving -- max 10

2 pm

Hjalmer Njallsson

Wire weaving -- max 10 (repeat of 1pm class)

2 to 3:30 pm

Dame Niccola

Headdress workshop

3 pm

Akiyama Kazuhiko

Flyting Battle: Epic Viking Rap Battles Competition

3 pm

THL Aneira Applegate

Norse Apron Dresses

3 to 5 pm

Lady Gillian of Roseholm
Midlands Regional Exchequer

Exchequer 101

4 pm

THL Aneira Applegate

Autocrating 101

Last updated 6/6/2018