Schedules -- Saturday, May 20

Heavy Combat Schedule

10:00 am Authorizations & inspections
11:00 am Novice tourney (authorized 2 years or less, has never won a tourney)
1:00 pm Challenge tourney

Rapier Schedule

9:00 -- 10:30am Inspections, authorizations, and pickups
11:00 am Novice tourney for anyone who has not won a tournament and doesn't have a G.O.A.
or higher fighting award. Round Robin
1:00 pm Cut & thrust tourney. Round Robin
2:00 pm The Ragnarok (modified warlord tourney) open to all fighters. Heavy rapier only.
Rules: everybody picks an opponent. Loser stays with the winner. Winner is the commander. Now it is teams of 2. They go and fight another team. Loser joins the winners team. Now it is teams of 4. This continues until there are 2 big teams with 2 commanders. One team will be the Aesir (the gods) the other the Jotans (frost and fire giants). At this point the 2 teams will fight to the last man standing. Last one standing is the son/daughter of Ragnarok (overall winner). The two team commanders are their younger sibling/s.

Archery Schedule
9:00 am Inspections
10:00 am Youth Shoot
11:00 am Seasonal Shoot
1:00 pm Regional Archery Practice for Pennsic