Lunch Menu

Homemade vegetable soup
Lunch meat and cheese sandwiches
Vegetables and fruit

Feast Menu
Subject to changes or updates

On the Table
Honey Butter
Herbed Cheese Spread

First Course
Mixed Green Salad w/ Herbed Vinaigrette
Cockaleekie Soup
Mushroom Pies

Second Course
Herbed Smoked Pork Loin
Roast Chicken
Makerouns (Medieval "Mac and Cheese")
Spiced Applesauce
Roasted Carrots

Third Course
Saffron Pies
Fresh Seasonal Fruit

Send to
Rachel Scheffler
410 E Kelsey St
Malta, IL 60150.
Make checks payable to "SCA IL Inc -- Barony of Carraig Ban".
Pre-registration deadline is May 12.

Last updated 05/22/2017