Class Schedules -- Saturday, May 20

10am Jewelry/Metalwork Problem Solving Q&A -- by Master Gunnarr Alfljot -- 2 hours
Are you stuck on a jewelry project and not sure what to do? Do you need input on how to go about securing that gemstone you acquired? Master Gunnarr will help you problem solve design and process issues. Jewelry and design references will be available, as well as basic materials for illustration of ideas (paper and drawing tools). There is no class fee.
11am Disability During the Middle Ages -- by Elisabeta Fischer -- 1 hour
A look at how laws effected those who were disabled during the Middle Ages.
1pm Piercework Workshop -- by Master Gunnarr Alfljot -- 3 hours
The metalsmithing term piercing refers to not only drilling into a metal sheet, but also cutting a design with a jeweler's saw. This class will include steps to create a small piece of jewelry.
This is a hands on class. Materials and various designs will be included.
There is no class fee, but a class limit of 6 is necessary. This class is designed for ages 16 and up.
1pm Punto in Aria (embroidered lace) -- by Mistress Arrienne Lenorra Ashford -- 1 hour
A form of embroidered lace often used in the 16th century. A lot of the lace in 16th century portraits including Queen Elizabeth's ruffs is made using this technique.
This is a hands on class where the student learns to set up the foundation for a small square of Punto in aria lace. They will couch linen threads to the lace pattern and then embroider over them with needle weaving and buttonhole stitch.
We could have enough time in 1 hour to couch most of the threads to the pattern and do a little needle weaving and buttonhole stitch. The student gets to take away the unfinished square and finish it on their own.
2pm Nebula Headress -- by Dame Nicholaa Halden -- 1 hour
A look at a widely used headdress from the 14th to 15th century in many western European countries and Britain. Will discuss possible construction techniques and display samples.
Handouts. If you would like to work on a veil bring a yard of light weight linen or equivalent, hand needles and thread to get started.

Last updated 05/11/2017