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Exchequers meetings -- required

Merchants and

Display of BOMTICC Tapestry

Silent auction to benefit the Royal Travel Fund

Heraldic consultation table available

Kingdom Regalia Auction:
More details as they become available.

Historical Display:
In 1977, The Barony of Carraig Ban held its first
crown tournament in the fall.
Forty years later, here we are again!
To honor this anniversary we will have a historical display.

Exchequers meetings:
Locations TBD
11:30am to 12:30pm
Midlands regional exchequers meeting: Required attendance
1:00pm to 3:00pm
New Exchequers meeting/class: required for warrant.

Merchants must clear the field house by 5pm.
Tables are no longer available for merchants;
merchants may still register at full price ($10)
but will need to bring their own tables. Chairs will be available.
Merchant fee included one 6 foot table
(while they lasted) and two chairs if desired.

Merchants -- contact Baron Faustino

Registered merchants include:
Faust Blades
Stacey's Pottery
Master Teichlock Jewelry
Tandy Leather
Gunnar Jewelry
Kraken Press
Ellen of the Scholars
K&K Woodwork
Arther Archer

Last updated 10/25/2017