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sandwich, cheese, cookie, pickle, fruit, and lemonade.

Feast Menu

Feast for their Royal Majesties Callach and Vukasin in honor of
their Crown Tournament, presented by their Barony of Carraig Ban.

After the tournament please come celebrate with their Majesties at a
sumptuous Feast on the occasion of their heirs.

The menu is below. Please contact the Feast Steward, Nicholaa Halden ( with any questions on the menu.

We look forward to having you join us.

On table
Bread w/ herb/honey butter
Sauce vert (green herbs with almond and pine nuts,
cheese salt pepper) w/vegetables
Gingerbread Crowns

First Course
Pyes of Paris -- Meat Pies -- beef, pork, pie crust, eggs, currents,
dates, wine, beef stock and spices.
(limited number of no-crust servings are available)
Salat of herbs -- mixed lettuces with herbs and oil/vinegar
Macrows -- Noodles with cheese and butter

Second Course
Blancmange -- Chicken and Rice w/almonds, ginger, salt, pepper
Honeyed Carrots -- carrots, honey, cinnamon

Third course
Brawn w/ Sauce Aliper -- Garlic Smoked Pork loin with sauce garlic/pepper
Appulmoy -- Hot apple sauce thickened with rice flour and almonds with spices

Desert Course
Daryoles -- Custard pie (eggs, pie crust, cream, sugar, saffron, salt) with Berries
(limited number of no-crust servings are available)
Crown Marchepane with comfits (almonds, sugar, rosewater,
sugar candies, candied fennel)

Notes: sauces served on side.
Sause Vert and Sauce Aliper have breadcrumbs and vinegar

Last updated 10/25/2017