Class Schedules -- Saturday, June 6

10am to 4pm Basic Jewelry Construction -- THL Gunnar Alfjot
Basic methods of jewelry construction, including soldering, with opportunity for students to make a small jewelry piece.
Class limited to 8, but handouts for 20.
Cost $5 for metal and $5 for any stones used. Handouts: free
11am to noon Frederick II: the wonder of the world -- Oswyn of Badon (Sean Wilson)
no size limit, no cost
1pm to 2pm A&S Judging by Criteria -- THL Roana Aldinoch
The A&S competition each Spring is always in need of judges, and yet so many feel inadequate to the task. Trust me when I say, you can do it! Even if you're asked to judge outside your personal comfort zone. Join me as we go over how to judge according to the Criteria, what questions to ask, and where the objective versus subjective parts of the scoring are.
Both Novice and Experienced judges are encouraged to attend so that we can all learn from experience as well as the documents.
Handouts for 10, unlimited seating. Cost $0.50 for handouts
2pm to 3pm Tribal Fusion Belly Dance - Dolce Vita